2013 prep for The Enchantments in Leavenworth, WA

Why Scotland?
Friends and enemies ask me “Why are you going backpacking in Scotland?”  Well, I have the Campbell’s on my mother’s side and McIalwain’s on my dad’s side so I figure Scotland had something to do with me being here now.  Or Ireland.  But Scotland appealed to me somehow.  Last year, when I turned 70, I told my wife Alana that I was thinking about backpacking somewhere for a few weeks.  I was thinking of the Way (the  El camino de Santiago) because of a Martin Sheen movie I had seen but that was too long for the time I had available and too urban in many parts.  Alana suggested a month if I was going to go international and I decided I could spend a few weeks on a trail and see more of Scotland after the trail.

The trail I have decided on is the West Highland Trail from Glasgow to Fort William.  I will explain more later.

I seem to have a need to suffer and a fairly high tolerance for it which comes in part from my Catholic upbringing.


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