4 days to go

August 17
4 wakeups to go before I fly to London and then Glasgow.   Leave 7:15 Monday and arrive in London around noon on Tuesday (London is 8 hours ahead of Washington State so it is not as long as it seems). Then wait for four hours and get into Glasgow at 6:00 Tuesday night.

I took four days off from walking and hiking this week but started training again today. The pack is now at 32 pounds. I have lost 10 pounds since I started training seriously two months ago so I figure I am really carrying 22 pounds more. Not really sure it works that way but I’m going with it.

I won’t hit the trail right away next Wednesday. I am meeting a good friend in Edinburgh to experience the Fringe Festival. This is the world’s largest Art Festival. It turns out that in 1947 there was already a mature Edinburgh Art Festival. Eight musicians were not allowed to participate in it for some reason so, instead of going home, they decided to play outside of the venue. The next year they came again and developed a following and the rest is history. The Edinburgh Art Festival is still going on but the Fringe Festival is much larger. It lasts for two weeks. There are literally tens of thousands of acts and programs from around the world. Most of them are paid events, but there are hundreds of acts in the streets and around town. So, I will ditch my backpack for a day or two, immerse myself in the entertainment and head to Milngavie on Thursday.