August 22 – Flight and hotel

I arrived in Glasgow at 6:00 pm after the obligatory 9 hour flight to Heathrow, a 3 hour layover and a connection to Glasgow.  Had a good conversation with a Hungarian Chemist who lives in Gold Beach, Oregon but was attending a conference at the University of Prague.  I told him i never could understand Avogadro’s number or anything about moles and molars so learned early to not mix chemicals.  We discussed how a scientist that believes so strongly in being able to explain the universe through natural causes can also be very faith driven.  He said “We scientists, since we are mere mortals, compartmentalize phenomena in our heads.  It makes it much easier to hold seemingly contradictory ideas at the same time”.

 The flight was fine: several movies, an attempt at a nap, a decent meal, free spirits, time to envy those fortunates in the next cabin that had their own sleeping pods. 

I reserved a room at the Travelodge which did not get me closer to understanding Scottish traditions but was close to the airport.  Not knowing distances and directions, I almost paid 7 ½ pounds (money, not weight) for a bus to take me around the block to the hotel.  Fortunately, I asked the Information desk and it was a 10 minute walk from the airport.  I calculated that if I could not backpack to the hotel, I had no business backpacking at all.  Slept off and on and started the next day with a good dose of jet lag.

A very vocal series of thunderstorms came through at night hopefully not portending the weather to come.