September 6 – Kirkcaldy to Glasgow

I woke up early and got my stuff together.  The £55 included a “full Scottish breakfast” and I said that I would be down at 8:30.  When I went down Linda escorted me to the breakfast room which had several tables and was smartly decorated.  There were about 5 different cereals in the containers that allow you to put the bowl under and turn the wheel to pour what you want.  Then there were large raspberries, plum slices, pineapple, breads, yogurts, all sorts of nuts and berries to put on it and orange juice.  I just finished some yogurt and was thinking about some cereal when she came in and said “How would you like your eggs, poached, fried, scrambled?” I was glad I hadn’t poured the cereal yet.  She gave me coffee and in 5 minutes I had my Scottish breakfast of two poached eggs on toast, ham and sausage.  I held off on the blood (I mean black) pudding.  I was the only one in the dining room so they pretty much had everything out for me.  I devoured the meal, got my things, said thank you and goodbye and as I was leaving she asked me to give her a favorable rating on Trip Advisor.  I said I would.

I am pretty sure I crashed the Kirkcaldy library computer network this morning.   I went down to the museum-art gallery-meeting room-library which was a building donated by a linoleum titan many years ago.  Kirkcaldy apparently was famous for its linoleum manufacturing.  I went into the computer room and turned on a machine and started blogging.  At the same time I opened my laptop and wirelessly signed into the library system.  I figured it had a fast enough internet to upload some pictures.  I watched it for a bit and it slowly uploaded one picture, then two pictures.  As it was on the third one,  a few people came in and tried to sign on.  It kept going in circles and they couldn’t get on.  More people came until there were about 8 people all trying to get on but the system was locked.  I felt a little foolish because my library computer was the only one working.  I was beginning to feel eyes on me wondering why I was so special.  In the meantime, as subtly as possible I cancelled my upload, got out of my blog site and closed my laptop.  I slithered out of the room.  I noticed from the cafeteria that about 10 minutes later the system came back up.  I had done the work I wanted so I had a cup of coffee while I watched a dozen young women with their toddlers mixing.  It was some kind of play date.  I suspected that they wondered what an old gray haired man with a wrinkled hat and a big backpack was doing watching them play dating.  They would have been at ease if they knew I was only acting and I was the oldest of 9 kids and that my wife and I have 5 kids and 15 grandkids.  So, I could probably teach them a thing or two about kids.

I walked through their museum and art gallery.  They had art from many prominent Scots, although I had never heard of them.  I took lots of pictures of the pictures.

I decided I was going to head back to Glasgow since I am meeting my son Danny tomorrow at the airport.  I caught a bus that took about an hour and a half to make the trip (over the old Queensferry bridge) and I arrived at Buchanan Bus station at around 2:00.  On the bus I was able to make arrangements for a B & B in Glasgow only it turned out to be a little further out of town than I had thought.  When I got off the bus I saw that I had to pay 30 pence to use the bathroom.  I think Sea-Tac  airport tried that for a while before desperate people wreaked havoc when their lack of funds did not diminish their abundance of fluids.  I’m not sure how Glasgow has made that work.  There were a few green people at the turnstile trying to figure out how to get in without paying.

I wasn’t going to be able to check in until 6:00 so I walked through the main street of Glasgow which is a wide, long cobblestone road with shops on either side and surrounded by old and new buildings and lots of churches. The pigeons are very aggressive there.   I walked to Mitchell Library, the central library in Glasgow, taking pictures as I went.  I immediately went to the registration desk and confidently asked to get a Glasgow library card which I got with no problem.  I worked for awhile there until it was time to head to the apartment that I had rented.  Razia, the Indian woman that was renting out the unit, told me to get off at the 3rd stop after getting on the train that goes through Mount Florida, of all places.  I went to what I thought was the train station and they had never heard of Mount Florida probably because it was the subway system instead of the train station.  The clerk was kind enough to guide me to the train station, another half mile away.  I got a ticket there and got on the train.  I waited until it stopped three times and got off.  There was no sign telling me what the stop was and I didn’t think to ask.  Well, it was one stop too soon.  In other times, I probably would have panicked and fretted about it.  But when you have all day to get somewhere it isn’t quite as much of an emergency.  I just hopped on the next train that came by and went to the 4th stop.  After some confusion and directions getting messed up because the internet was on and off, I finally got to the place.  It was a full apartment with separate bedroom.   A pleasant end to a pleasant day.